About Indianhead & Our History

The Indianhead Professional Photographers is a non profit business and education organization for working full-time professional photographers. Indianhead is located in the Northwest area of Wisconsin with members from the Mississippi River to the Wisconsin River and from Superior to the Wisconsin Dells. We have members from four states. We meet seven times a year, usually on the second Monday of the month during: January, February, April, May, June, October and November. Our Association is a member of the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association and the Professional Photographers of America. Officially, we are the Indianhead Photographers, Inc.

Indianhead was started in the late 1950s by a small but dedicated group of professional photographers that wanted to help each other become better photographers and better business people. Over the years our members have lived my our motto "In the Spirit of Cooperation, Not Competition!" In 1958 Indianhead had it's first President when Vern LaMere from Marshfiled, WI took office.

We not only become better at what we do, but we also develope friendships with our fellow photographers. This has come in very handy when a tragedy strikes one of our members. A good example is a few years back, one of our members had a heart attack on a Friday night. If that wasn't bad enough, he had a wedding to photograph the next day. His wife made a couple of phone calls and one of our members stepped up and photographed the wedding for him.

As we all learn and become better at running our businesses and become better photographers, it really raises the bar on the quality of work and the quality of our businesses. It is better for our profession for us to be members of Indianhead, The Wisconsin Professional Photographers Assoc. and the Professional Photographers of America. As with any business, we all need more education and we need it on a regular basis. We owe a great debt to those who came before us and established Indianhead.

Below you will see a photograph taken a few years ago of some of our past presidents. Below that is a list of all our our Presidents from the very beginning to today.

Our Past Presidents

1958 Vern LaMere • (deceased)
1959 Jim Spieltz • (deceased)
1960 John Russell • Menomonie
1961 Virgil Byng • (deceased)
1962 Richard Herbst • Park Falls
1963 Jack Anderson • (deceased)
1964 Carl Heller • (deceased)
1965 Bob Luttrell • (deceased)
1966 Roger Norris • (deceased)
1967 Bob Payne • (deceased)
1968 Bob Fehrenbach • Reedsburg
1969 Jerry Strack • Wisconsin Rapids
1970 Lonnie Trevarrow • (deceased)
1971 Dick Jacobs • (deceased)
1972 Kingo Andow • (deceased)
1973 Betty Anderson • (deceased)
1974 Jerry Kinnunen • (deceased)
1975 Audrey Perkins • Minoqua
1976 Quentin Zinsmaster • (deceased)
1977 Claude Schilling • Eau Claire
1978 Jerry Ruenzel • Green Bay
1979 Rick Vesper • Rice Lake
1980 Vic Blaskowski • Wausau
1981 Pat Clifton • Chippewa Falls
1982 Doug Foemmel • Stevens Point
1983 Phil Schreiner • Tomah
1984 Phil Dammen • Sparta
1985 Scott Gray • Osceola
1986 Kris Fehrenbach-Alt • Fond du lac
1987 Thomas W. Giles • Eau Claire
1988 Robert Zettler • Onalaska
1989 Steve Johnson • Wabasha, MN
1980 Dave Wacker • Clintonville
1991 Walter Bucki • Marshall, MI
1992 J.D. Wacker • Clintonville
1993 Thomas Wittrock • Nekoosa
1994 Phil Ziesemer • Merrill
1995 Tom Blomlie • Chippewa Falls
1996 Rick McNitt • Rice Lake
1997 Ron Burg • West St. Paul, MN
1998 William Nieman • Wisconsin Rapids
1999 Dick Standeven • Abbotsford
2000 Jim Bayliss • Scandinavia
2001 Mary Bolas • Lowry, MN
2002 Ken Noesen • Barron
2003 Steve McConnell • (deceased)
2004 Carol Clifton • Chippewa Falls
2005 Paul Hafermann • Wisconsin Rapids
2006 Kirk Kopitcke • Wausau
2007 Ginny Otto • Stevens Point
2008 Katie Scott • Amery
2009 Jane Bores • Cameron
2010 Tiffany Schmitt • Schofield
2011 Ellie Hussong • Wausau
2012 Cindy VanProoyen • Birnamwood
2012 Phil Ziesemer • Merrill (finished year as President)
2013 Neil Geiger • Kaukauna
2014 Neil Geiger • Kaukauna
2015 Thomas W. Giles • Eau Claire
2015 Thomas W. Giles • Eau Claire

Note: If you are aware that any of the Past Presidents are spelled wrong or have passed away and they are not listed that way, please let me know so that I can correct their listing: Tom Giles indianhead@gilesphoto.com