FAQ about Hosting an Indianhead Meeting

First of all, thank you for considering hosting an Indianhead Meeting.  Our meetings are at the VFW Hall in Colby, WI. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about hosting a meeting:

What do I need to do when I am the host for the meeting?
It's actually pretty simple. You will need to keep track of the RSVP’s so we know how many will be attending.  It is always a good idea to reply to emails to confirm that you did receive their reservation.  We order our meal on the Wednesday afternoon from Smith Brothers in Colby. You will need to give a count shortly after 1 pm to the person designated to order the meal. 

Is there a preferred seating arrangement?
Yes.  Theatre style is preferred.  Please see the diagram below for our suggested / preferred seating arrangement. 

What if there are windows in the room?
As long as they can be covered or blocked for print judging, we are fine.  We need subdued lighting for our print judging.  That way we have better control of our lights when we have prints and the monitor when we are doing digital judging. 
Do I get Fellowship points for hosting a meeting?
Yes, you will get 1 point for hosting a meeting.   
What else do I need to do? This one is a very important! 
If you are asked what the meeting costs, here it is for those who RSVP by noon the Wednesday before the meeting:
$32 - Individual Member
$42 - Member Couple
$52 - Non-Member
If they show up and they did not RSVP, the cost is higher and the meal is only available if we have enough:
$52 - Individual Member
$62 - Member Couple
$72 - Non-Member
So, with all those questions answered, are you interested in hosting a meeting for Indianhead?  Do you have any other questions?  Contact our President to discuss hosting a meeting and get any additional questions answered.  Thank you in advance for hosting a meeting.