Indianhead Special Service Award

The Indianhead Special Service Award was created to be given in appreciation to any Indianhead member who has shown an unselfish attitude towards the growth or improvement of the association. If you have any questions about this award, you can contact our Awards chairman, Paul Hafermann at: Phone: 715-323-0937or Email:

Nominations for the Special Service Award should be submitted by Dec. 1st.

Past Special Service Award Recipients:

2001 Jack Anderson, Virgil Byng, Pat Clifton, Dennis McGill
2002 Betty Anderson, Thomas W. Giles, Rick McNitt
2003 Jim Bayliss
2004 Tom Blomlie
2005 Phil Ziesemer
2006 Jane Byng, Dick & Cindy Standeven
2007 Helen Kolpitcke
2008 Paul Hafermann
2009 Ken Noesen
2010 Jane Bores
2011 - - - - -
2012 Ginny Otto
2013 Ellie Hussong
2014 Neil Geiger, Thomas W. Giles, Kirk Kolpitcke
2015 - - - - -
2016 Carol Clifton

Special Service Award Nomination Form